If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?

The fact I take allot of things offensive.I’ve been pushed around emotionally and physically for me to believe that often times people are just trying to have the upper hand with me.It might also be that I have extremely solid points of views and don’t like people trying to fight me about them.

What turns you off?

Arrogance, Non-stop talking about something I don’t care about, poor personality, someone who isn’t sure about themselves.Bad manners, bad hygiene, immaturity when trying to be serious, avoiding certain topics without straight up saying you rather not talk about it and most importantly PUSHY PEOPLE.

What turns you on?

Someone hard working, tough yet sensitive and caring, makes time to do things, nice abs, someone who takes care of themselves nicely, deep conversation.

Do you believe in true love?


just because everyone else is getting fucked over (including me) doesn’t mean I’m going to narrow down things to live for.

When was the last time you dated?

2 years ago

What is your favorite sport to watch?


What is your definition of cheating?

If you’re out fucking someone behind your partners back or getting together with someone or talking “like that” to someone without your partner knowing anything that’s going on I find that cheating.You don’t have to give an explanation about WHO EVERYONE IS YOUR BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND IS TALKING TO that’s just being paranoid but if personally I had a partner that was talking to someone more and more I’d then ask who they are to them.

If you lie about your shit, you’re not worthy of a relationship and should just stick to someone who will tolerate your ignorance.

What is your favorite outdoor thing to do?


Do you have a boyfriend?

No but I want one lol

are you passionate about relationships or more in and out the door?

Extremely passionate

Do everything in my will to let that person know that they’re amazing and deserve the best

But I don’t date so I’ve been stuck with trying to get somewhere with someone by doing so much instead haha.

What animal would you love to have as a pet?

Sugar Glider! I hear they smell though =/

I don’t want a smelly house!

Describe your perfect vacation.

A trip to either Miami or Cancun

Have drinks on the beach

Lots of clubbing and meeting people

Gorgeous penthouse with an amazing view and lots of sex.

What are your major goals in life?

To be a very successful writer

Fall in love with the absolutely right person

Trip to see the world when I can and be happy

too good to be true huh?

How do you feel about open relationships?

Biggest waste of time ever

I can’t believe they even have such thing

that’s kind of like degrading what a relationship is and stands for

lets call it “friends with benefits” instead, it’s just as trashy, right?

What celebrity do you fantasize about?

Ryan Reynolds


Gabriel Soto

What inspires you?

Struggle, Pain, Competition because you learn from all of it to make a better person of yourself.

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Completely put myself out there for someone

Of course I got fucked over in the end

was it worth it? not really but I learned and grew from it

How long was your longest relationship?

4 Months

If you fall in love with someone, how would you confess it to them?

Tell them how I’ve been feeling about things lately and then let them know straight up.

What is your favorite season and why?

Winter!!! lots of cuddling, tea drinking and movies!

What movie do you never get tired of watching?

Moulin Rouge


How many people have you kissed?


had sex a total of 16 times

Do you prefer hugs or kisses?


you’re always able to tell what someone is like through a kiss

If someone gives you their number at a bar, how long do you wait to call?

Oh man, sometimes never call back but I’ll normally wait at least a couple of days.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Batman because he’s so bad ass about beating the shit out of people

Who is your favorite villain?

Harley Quinn

just like me she’s a lover and a fighter and always fucks with people

as soon as money comes in she’s getting tatted on my leg.

Would you rather have trust or love? Why?

Without trust there is no love

-Moulin Rouge

it’s true, if you can’t trust someone how the fuck can you love them? don’t make an ass of yourself.

What do you think is the biggest mistake that men/women make in their relationships?

Freak out about little shit such as past events that have happened before they dated


not being able to trust one another


Just learn to relax and chill, fuck

What is the first thing you notice about people?

The way they talk and present themselves

First impressions are definitely big


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