New Place

So I’ve officially moved into the new place with my mom and little brother and I can’t begin to explain how relieving it is to be out of the same house as my sister.

It feels great to finally be able to see friends whenever I want and meet new people.

It’s nice to come back to a place where I don’t have to worry about locking myself in a room for hours to avoid conflict with family members.It’s just the biggest stress reliever ever to not worry about anything besides getting my shit together once and for all without having to stop for ungrateful people or people who don’t want to be helped.

I’ve been at the new place for about 2-3 weeks now and been going out like crazy to get things off my chest.

Been meeting tons of new people and job hunting as much as possible to get my foot in the door somewhere.It makes everything worse the fact I’ve never worked in my life..Modeling is all I’ve ever known to get money so now it’s time to just get a steady job that will bring in steady income.

I’m trying not to throw myself into downward spirals by freaking out about how far behind I feel in my life right now.It really gets to you when you try and try to get somewhere and keep getting not pushed but shoved back constantly.I thought a couple of months ago things were changing and I was getting back on my feet and then I get the rug pulled from under me again but this time I’m standing way too solid for anything to get in my way to really fuck me up again.

Just by moving I already feel like I can do everything I want and how I want so It’s really time for me to get a move on things.

Besides the moving situation and the stress about wanting to progress quickly, I’ve been looking into starting my novel and looking around for what all it’s going to take such as prices agents and publishers etc. to get me somewhere.

I think starting early on writing a book would help out allot so that whatever new ideas I can come up with in the future will be sort of a sequel to what I had written previously and more experience in life will help with my writing as well.

I had a calendar shoot a couple of days ago for vanity magazine and the calendar should be available to buy mid October or end of October (SUPER EXCITED!) I’ll post when it will be available in case anyone wants to buy one.

Show me your teeth

Other than all of this I’m pretty satisfied, I can’t complain.I’ll have to see where things go now being in the new place and everything.

Hope everyones been well ❤


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