Shifting Directions

Maroon 5-Won’t Go Home Without You

I don’t get how things shift so quick on me

Things change as quick as the weather does from what it seems to me now.

1 minute I find myself happier than ever doing what I want even though It’s not the best but I’ll be satisfied enough and then the next I find myself asking why I even went through some shit or why things just fell through.

I feel like I’m on a turn table and then get spun out of control and end up not knowing where the hell I stand in situations anymore and then have to begin to adapt to everything all over again.

I understand this is life and I have to learn to adapt to tougher situations since god and life itself likes to test you to the fullest but not give you more than you can handle.Sometimes it might feel like you really can’t take anymore but if you’re going through it and you’re still alive, then it looks like you actually can.

I don’t like to believe people or situations can get the best of me because I think we all should be well aware of what we did to be wrong or where we might of gone wrong and change it ourselves instead of blaming others for our actions.

Everything is just a passing period so I always think, well it will pass and things will get better, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.Sometimes you’re left with a scar instead of a bruise and have to live with it.

It gets really hard don’t get me wrong, there’s times I can’t help but to just feel like shit and isolate because of how lost I begin to feel sometimes.

I can handle things quite well but there’s just a big loneliness within me that I can’t get to satisfy.One way or another I find myself Lonelier than ever feeling like I’m reaching out to nothing and no one.Always feeling like I wasted my time telling someone something because they fucked me over in the end.

I guess you can say there’s more on my mind then I like to express

I feel out of control right now

I think I have the answer to everything I’m doing wrong (which I do allot of times) I know how to let loose and have fun but I’m tired of that.I for once just want things to go my way, to work out, for someone to stick around and let me know everything will be ok.

It’s nice yet a lonely thing sticking to a blog and Journal to write feelings to since I feel I can’t express myself all to great.Not to mention allot of people don’t care because they have their lives to live and deal with themselves so you just have to stick with no one but yourself.

I really hate being negative because I know this Isn’t like me at all.I’m a happy person and I make jokes about almost EVERYTHING.

It’s just been rough

I’m getting through things though.

been filling out applications since the places I went to are hiring so I’m expecting a call back so I just have to wait now.

Things are moving along though

getting through life step by step

Quote Of The Day

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

-Maria Robinson


One Comment Add yours

  1. Gabby4rmTX says:

    I don’t really know if you remember me. But I remember calling you on a daily basis. I’ve know you since your MySpace name was Brian DollFace! I miss you. I miss our friendship. Here’s a hint, I live deep down in the heart of Texas & my name is Gabby. Hopefully you will remember.


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