Comportment and Reaction

There’s always those people you meet who come to you with their problems and tend to just either blow off what you say and continue screwing up if what you had said was true or actually take your advice but not realize you really want to give them your condolence and be there for them.

Then you have those that YOU DO HELP and instead of them respecting you for all you’ve done they go and say shit about you just for the hell of it because they don’t like you? If you’re a guy and you’re doing this I suggest you grow some fucking balls and talk shit about someone for fucking you over not someone who’s helped you regardless of how much you can’t stand that person for whatever reason, dick.If you’re a girl and do this, grow up and realize you should probably be paying more attention to the type of person you are and the age you’re acting.Again, if you don’t like someone let them know and go from there.

I hate drama and it’s people like this that repulse me because then they try coming back to you or you find out they’re doing horrible and you can’t feel one ounce of sympathy for them because of how fucked up they are and were.

Lately It seems like I’m wasting my time even giving people the time or day to talk to me.It seems like it doesn’t even do any good because nobody listens and just wants to vent.You have to understand that with venting comes advice and you either take the advice or you don’t.

I have allot on my mind as of lately and I struggle with getting somewhere and holding my ground but I always make sure to be there for whoever needs me.Clearly not everyone is like me and could care less but my point is, if someones taking the time out to help you why not be considerate and say THANK YOU I APPRECIATE IT or THANK YOU I WILL KEEP THAT IN MIND instead of just blowing it off and not saying anything?

I’m all about respect, please, and thank you.

Sometimes the people you don’t think care about you or could care less to hear about your problems, are standing right in front of you giving you the key to your problem while you don’t even realize it.When you do realize that person really was there for you and cared and wanted you to let them in, it’s going to already be too late because you were so self-centered and concerned about other things that you missed out on that one special person.

Even if some advice given isn’t that great you should always be appreciative for someone taking the time out to help YOU out.What if in reality no one gave a shit about you in the end and those people that did you never even thanked and then you go back to them and they don’t care to hear what you have to say because you were ungrateful and didn’t even listen? People get sick of that shit especially if all you can talk about is yourself and not even ask how the other person is doing or if they’ve been ok. these are all things you need to keep in mind to build strong friendships or relationships with someone.

Everyones parents should have taught them this I shouldn’t even have to blog about this but I’m sick of running into self-centered people who won’t even acknowledge what I said.It makes me feel like I just took out so much time and put it into a bag with holes in it because I know what I say is true allot of times.I’m not saying I’m an expert at this or like I have the answers to every single problem, but I do know I give deep and realistic advice and people will agree with what I’m saying and know I’m right about their situation but blow it alll off and not even give a shit.

So I think I’ll start doing the same, not care what you have to say that is

If no one wants to listen and be 50 50, well fuck I certainly don’t want to hear your bullshit else am I suppose to get to know the real you if you don’t open up just a little?

I understand no one opens up at the snap of a finger but if you’re coming to me in a serious manner expect me to ask questions about your situations

So what’s it going to be?

are you going to wait until it’s too late to let that person know you care about them and care about everything they did for you? Wait too long and you’ll regret it once you can’t get those people back.Don’t take anyone for a fool no matter how fucking stupid you might perceive them to be or how boring you might think they are, theres definitely more to people than you know, It just might be YOU not asking the right things or being more concerned with yourself than what someone else has to say.It’s always those people you don’t expect much from that end up blowing you away once you get to know them.Take caution with what you say and how you do things.

Sorry if I sound negative allot of the time, I just like to deal with issues without sugar coating it because these issues are normally serious to me and others.

So to break this all down

  1. No I don’t expect anyone to kiss my feet for helping them or think I am amazingly smart or expert at life I just want to fucking be appreciated.
  2. No I don’t expect anyone to open up to me or to anyone else in that matter but if you are going to make sure you just expect questions so people can understand your situation.

Quote Of The Day

“Theres life lessons to be learned from those you go to and those who treat you like shit and those who love you and care about you.But there’s absolutely no lesson from someone who is hollow selfish and doesn’t move forward but backwards.”


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