New Ideas

So these past couple of weeks I’ve been really getting into photoshop again.

I use to do it when I was about 16 but never really got into it until recently

so here are some pictures I’ve recently made 😛

Random idea I wanted to try

I realize you really have to have an imagination to really do a good job at this kind of stuff.

It’s sort of like drawing, you have to see how well the lights pick up and how the shadows fall and everything.Otherwise you get a shit job with what you made.

I look at it like if someones going to shit on something I worked hard on making then I’m going to be infuriated so I try to do my utmost best with these images.

I can’t draw for shit and I’ve always liked it but never got it haha. photoshopping is much easier for me though because I always think of the image in my mind first and then bring it to life instead of randomly just putting something together.

So in a way this is like opening my mind to the public to see how I think.

heres another one I made based on lady gagas music video

It was really random but I liked the concept of the beginning of the video so i wanted to re-invent it.

Theres much more things i want to try but this takes so much time to do especially when you’re a beginner at it.I can remember how to do some things with photoshop but not all of them so I have to keep going over tutorials and everything.It’s fun though, it keeps me entertained and busy and maybe it’ll benefit in the future for something good.

I’ll be updating this blog to post some new stuff I make. :]

Feel free to throw out any ideas of what I should make next, if you want.


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