Young At Heart

Greatest Theme Song Ever! HAHA

I know i can be very serious in allot of these posts but I think i should show this side of me

I’ve been playing pokemon for about a month now and that’s not including the past games i’ve beaten. I’m playing platinum this time!


I’m actually almost done with the game too haha

I’m a major kid at heart

I still watch disney movies even though they have all this hidden message crap.It sucks but disneys changed my life allot.

I still watch cartoons

Batman:The animated series is my all time favorite cartoon mainly because harley quinn is in it haha.

I still remain a kid because we’re only getting older not younger and I don’t want to lose that important part of me.It’s good to keep the kid side of you to remind yourself where you came from and all the things you use to do.It doesn’t make you immature because I handle my problems like an adult I have my head on straight but I do get into kid mode almost everyday.I wouldn’t call it childish because I’m only acting like a child when really into whatever it is I’m doing.

I run into allot of people that say they wish they were young again when really it hasn’t gone anywhere the fact you’re not physically young anymore doesn’t mean you can’t turn on your TV once in a while and watch the old cartoons you grew up watching or something you know?

Pokemon Original Series

I remember getting into fights over pokemon cards when I was little because kids wanted to rip me off and steal my shit and I also remember the one time i got my entire deck taken away at school and thought they were gone for good and started crying in class, lmao.

I remember when those cards were the shit back then and then yu-gi-oh took over and everyone went NUTS.

I still remain huge pokemon fan though, i don’t play with the cards but i definitely still play the games!

So if any of you have stopped watching cartoons or kid movies or whatever it may be you use to do when you were little, you should go do it again even if it’s for one day and if it’s only going to the park and swinging.

Keep that part of you alive in case you ever lose yourself.

If your childhood was shit then you’re not the only one but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself ‘now’

Quote Of The Day

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

-Dr. Who


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  1. DiegoTwenty says:

    i had played this game and never got the end…


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