Ending May

This month was really life changing, i must admit

Allot happened, I met great people, Met someone new, I got back on my feet, job hunted, looked into schools, made mends, I did allot with myself.I normally go day by day with the same routine but i actually accomplished allot and was really productive this month (lets hope i stay this way).

I guess sometimes you just have to step out of your normal comfort zone and get out there and experience life in different ways to change it around and i’m so use to doing the same thing all the time to where I just have moments where i break out and do something new for once.I’m not good with MAKING change happen, I’ve noticed i’m pretty slow and patient with it haha.

I do accept change in it’s forms because allot of times it’s for the better for me but it does take a whiiile to actually make happen.

This month for me was mainly about meeting people getting over the past and moving forward with my life, which is really good in my opinion because they were what i needed to become more mature.

I’m ready for summer now though i’m ready to take a trip and just get out of town I need to get away from everyone here and everything. Spring was definitely an eye opener and definitely allot of fun but i’m so ready for the summer and what is going to happen.

I’ll definitely be posting about all my experiences though 😉

I’m excited!


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