Sisters Birthday

Today was my sisters birthday

I’ve gone through hell and out with my sister growing up. From the moment i got into middle school until recently, we’ve never been on good terms…EVER.

We made meands about 3 weeks ago and things have been more than good between her and I.

I’m the type of person to hold grudges and not be forgiving and people have to try and try and try to earn my respect and loyalty back because of how much anger i tend to lock in, I’m a work in progress when I’ve been fucked over big time..

No one will fully understand the type of relationship we have because the amount of things we both went through growing up together was enough for me to just stick to her and forgive her regardless.

She was always one to stick up for me when i was getting yelled at by my mom or protecting me from getting hurt.

She always took me out even if it was 2am to go party with her and i was about 12 at the time or younger but i didn’t care we always made wild trips and made the best of it.Sometimes we’d walk to the corner store at midnight just to buy snacks to come home and watch a movie and pass out.

Things went down hill pretty quick once home life started fucking up for both of us and i look at her now days and i can see the struggle she’s still having with everything but she’s doing allot better now and i couldn’t be happier.

She’s the only person that can really make me cry by just thinking about her and the shit we went through because it wasn’t easy and hasn’t been easy and i go back 3 years all the time and fast forward to now and see all that I’ve done for her as well and i believe we equaled each other out.

i may not have been thanked the way i wanted and i know i struggled emotional wise because of how much i was put through and i still do struggle a bit because of this situation but i over came everything triumphantly and that’s THE ONLY THING that matters to me now.

I’m a strong believer in god now due to allot of experiences I’ve had encountered with the paranormal and Christianity within the times we fought and everything was happening. I don’t expect anyone else to care that I do or mock me for it or even roll your eyes but I also do believe everyone has their OWN set of experiences with life and such things and mine always revolved around paranormal and Christianity which was more than a trip for me.

I didn’t want to say much about the type of shit that’s gone on for so long between the situation of me and my sister but the point of me even making this blog is for people to see glimpses of me to get the feel of the type of person i really am and why i act certain ways and talk about certain things too much etc. etc.I want people to grasp the concept of what i’m talking about but not fully know the truth behind the mask..It’s hard enough talking about such things but writing about all of this helps me vent and reach out to people that might be going through the same thing. So i put everything as brief as i can just so I don’t give myself completely away just give insight to my personality and sort of lifestyle I’ve lived and continue to live and change.

I Woke Up Today

around 10:30am got ready and headed over to the tattoo shop

my sisters been wanting to get her arm tattooed for awhile now and she finally did.

heres a picture of what it looks like, still not done but we’re going back in 2 weeks to get the rest done and get mine done as well.

Her tattoo is all of our birth flowers

(mines the one underneath the purple one! the pink outlined one! :P)

The people at the tattoo shop we went to were extremely cool about everything we talked about, life story’s, experiences, absent fathers, and so on.It was pretty cool, the mood was so at ease and relaxed nothing but fun.

The only thing we could think about is what my mom was going to say or think since she’s got such a major problem with tattoos.

we arrived at my moms friends house where we had a BBQ and chilled to celebrate for my sister and all that.

It didn’t even go bad with my mom though surprisingly, she just made a face and continued on with the BBQ.

What an interesting day, the things we expect to go horrible were actually nothing to worry much about.

Why live life in fear afterall?

Quote Of The Day

“Life is like a scary movie when you’re 10, you’re scared shitless but eventually grow older and realize theres nothing to be scared about!”


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