Not Listening Anymore

A problem i run into allot with people lately seems to always relate to not being able to move forward and forget the past as well as dealing with the SAME problem over and over again.

I’ve learned the hard way recently that when you’re no longer welcome somewhere or things don’t feel right anymore or people change, it’s time to let go of the situation.

If a problem comes up and it relates to something revolving around a tough situation then i can understand but that’s barely ever the case now.

I believe people tend to live in a false reality allot of the time and think that things will change and get better when they’re only getting worse.When you need hope you also need faith to help you get through the problem or you won’t have the courage to fight for what you believe in.You always have to analyze a problem and how the problem is being presented to you.If you think without freaking the fuck out and just stand your ground and think on it you’ll probably get answers instead of quarrels with yourself or other people.I can’t stress this enough but, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

You fell on your face for a reason so you could get up and wipe the shit off and learn to avoid falling on your face AGAIN, you got hurt because that person wasn’t right for you or wasn’t treating you correctly and you were too blind to even realize, these are just examples but you get the point, learn from your mistakes don’t bitch about them or stay stuck on them.

These are the same things that i went through recently that make you feel like a complete fucking moron for even dealing with such nonsense and I’VE learned.

Another thing is being unappreciative

When someone is being decent with you and taking the time out of their day to help you or give you their advice or guidance and all you can say is how things aren’t going your way and why shit fucked up for you NO ONE IS GOING TO WANT TO LISTEN.Sure friends help but when you become a wet blanket and on top of that you just bitch about your problems the majority of the time, no ones going to want to listen because you’re not being appreciative and taking advice you’re just blowing them off and complaining, that’s rude and your parents should of taught you this growing up.

For instance

When someone comes to me with a problem i make sure they are happier when the conversations over because it’s sad to see people go through really tough shit because i’ve been there before as well but i have also seen the way i sound and think “wow i need to really shut up about this i talk about it way too much. Some of you have the answers to your OWN problems so try to figure it out on your own, you don’t need someone there for you EVERY SINGLE TIME because then you won’t even know how to survive on your own. unless it’s really serious problem i suggest everyone thinks before speaking. if someones going to keep coming to me just so i can hear about the same shit then sorry but you’re wasting my time.I have a fuck load going on right now mental wise and with life that i don’t need an unnecessary conversation distracting me from what’s important.If you want to talk about your problems just to get it out there and don’t care about what other people have to say, then call a fucking hotline.

I just want everyone to know that when you talk about the same thing or talk about SOMEONE over and over and over no one wants to listen anymore.So not only are you agitating people, but people soon begin to stop talking to you and not wanting anything to do with you anymore because no one wants to hear it.

I can be a very kind person and really feel for someone else and want to help others rather than myself because i know i have the proper tools to endure complex situations. I’m still learning more as i get older but right now i feel wiser than the majority, so i have the patience to sit through multiple conversations until people get the point but lately it seems like no one wants to listen to you they just say YEAH YOU’RE RIGHT and the next day or week it’s on with the same subject.

I can understand venting, and venting is something we all do including myself.You WANT to get everything that’s bottled up inside out so that it helps you feel better and you can take things on with a clear head.If you don’t vent then things might actually get worse because you stay stuck on them.Everyone has to learn how to trust certain people and not the whole fucking world because then drama starts and bad impression’s are left on you and you’re looked at as weak and annoying and whatever else people can think of.Even if your parents don’t love you or care about you, don’t let anyone get away with trying to make you look like someone you’re not.

Everyone needs to learn how to survive on their own, how do you expect to live a healthy life with survival skills when all you do is ask for opinions or advice?

So my message today isn’t to criticize people who vent but for people who vent (such as myself) to understand that venting is done in a proper manner and not continuously to where you’re chasing people away and to appreciate people for the little help they might give and to maybe take it if it seems pretty accurate and use it to help you grow.

It’s time to start thinking and appreciating more, people


Quote Of The Day

“Sometimes we have the tools to help someone else grow, it’s just up to whomever to actually want to use those tools and try them out and see if they might work for them too, teamwork!”


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