Faking And Using

You know, it really pisses me off when i hear people bitch to me by telling me they’re sick of fake people when they themselves are one (sometimes, sometimes they’re just dumb).

If you say you want a REAL friend, why are you hanging out with someone that could give 2 shits about you or TALKS shit about you and just wants to start shit?

If you say you want a relationship why are you fucking around with someone that’s just going to be a one night stand that you’ll never talk to again and you know this?

If you want to move forward in life, why are you going out or getting fucked up every night and not making arrangements of what you want to do?


I can honestly say im hands down real as fuck, I have my flaws sometimes become arrogant,  i have my issues but i ALWAYS strive to be a better person and change my ways.I like to talk to people and have them feel 100% safe and put 100% trust in me and not worry about me going around spreading their personal issues.I’m an honest friend that gives honest answers I’m someone you can most definitely trust with whatever you’re having trouble with and i’ll do my very best to help you out, I won’t judge i won’t argue i’ll just talk to you with a blank expression and help. Sometimes you just need someone to really really talk to, to realize what’s happening with you.

Whether you want to take the advice, that’s up to you but if it’s an ongoing process of you just bitching and not listening why the fuck do i want to stick around and listen? i can help but im not stupid either, sometimes you just need to shut your mouth and open up your ears to know what’s best for you whether you want to hear it or not.

I’m that person allot of people come to, You don’t find people like me everyday and im not trying to sound ASTOUNDING AND INCREDIBLE AND LIKE IM GOD IN THE FLESH AND HAVE THE ANSWERS TO EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD!

I’m just being real with ALL of you reading this

This Is Me and this is all from my point of view

Don’t bitch at me and say people use you because we all use each other, you use me to help you out with problems or whatever the case may be and i can gladly accept that.

We’re put on earth to help one another (in case you haven’t noticed already) We all use the internet and you all know who talks to who, who you don’t like who you do like and who’s the fakest of them all.Personally i don’t abide by any of that shit i talk to whoever i want whether you like them or not.This all just seems like one big dysfunctional family with ALLOT of drama.

I’m a strong believer in god and you don’t have to read the bible to know that god pretty much calls us all his kids, correct? So tell me why a parent wouldn’t want their kids to get along and get to know each other more if they all have to live in the same household? (in a nutshell, earth)

You say you all want world peace blah blah blah, yet your feet away from even realizing what world peace even means because you’re so focused on drama and meeting fake people.You don’t know how much someone can really influence your life by just talking to them.Sometimes mind sets get shifted for the worse and then the process of being lost and trying to find yourself begins.

Luckily I have NEVER been a victim of none of that mess

don’t play the victim just shut up and do what you have to do

I don’t look for drama IT’S EVERYWHERE theres no avoiding it if im in it i do my best to get out quick and clean

I DO NOT associate with people who are going to waste my time or talk to me to justify they’re just an idiot by KNOWING what they need to do and not doing it.

I CAN ACCEPT A MISTAKE OR TAKE A BLAME, if for any reason i get called out and someone tells me how i’m acting and i believe i really am acting how they said, I will greatfully take the blame apologize and make it up to them.These are human morals people NOT rocket science.You can all do it

You’re no special than i am, you’re no COOLER or better than me, I don’t put people on a scale of who’s better than who and i certainly don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing! I focus on myself while at the same time help those who come to me for advice, sometimes i don’t have the answers to allot of complicated situations but i do my best to help.Trying is all it takes

I might contradict myself sometimes as well, but i’m human, i make mistakes

When i want to meet someone that i believe is just as real and just as honest or maybe even interesting as i am i’ll make little moves to show them i want to talk i’m not one to kick up a storm of conversation in a heartbeat because im cautious about who i meet.

These are all just examples of the type of person i really am to give a better understanding of the point im trying to make.

I hope whoever is reading this really takes the time to re-evaluate themselves and begins to understand their mistakes more before calling someone out on theirs.

Again, i hope no one begins to think i feel superior and almighty and like i have the upper hand in life because i myself am struggling as well but i know what i’m doing.These are all examples i use on a day to day basis to help me get by and be a stronger person. You might think what i’ve even written is a lie and If you have any feedback, do post it because i’d love to hear regardless cause shit i might even be wrong and not know it!

Feel free to say or think what you want

Let’s see what type of person we all are when it comes to a certain situation.Take The Poll

Quote Of The Day

“To Think Without Speaking, Is Like To Shoot Without Aiming”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. NatachaBabette says:

    Amen! I couldn’t have said it any way better.. That is exactly the same thing I tell people around me to make things clear from the beginning. This said, I’m glad you’re honest and clear to everyone with what you think and feel, so thank you.


  2. nanny says:

    The blog is really nice one and full of information we appreciate the kind of information you have provided in this post.


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