Planning Life Out

Allot seems to change for me within just a few days of critical thinking.

I’m not one to change my mind or accept change much but i think it’s time for allot of change with me.I’m tired of living the same life or dealing with the same type of people.

I’m a friendly person when i want to talk to someone (which isn’t often) but the majority of the time im one to just judge from the get go and not really care for someone.

This past week I’ve been trying something new

im meeting new people, im being more open to conversation and just getting rid of all the people that i don’t want to associate with anymore.I tend to burn bridges quite often (which is a very bad quality to have) and sometimes i’ll just cut someone out of my life temporary to see if they care enough to even say hello.

You have to put people to the test sometimes and see what their true intentions are and if they really care about you, which isn’t many when you find out.

I’ve been thinking far ahead in the future lately and where i want to be in about 10-30 years from now.I always need a plan so that i can very slowly but surely reach my goals in the future.I think in a very solid state of mind, i don’t fantasize but plan how i’m GOING to get to where i want for sure.Allot of things take time for me to make happen simply because the kind of future i am planning is a complex one that deals with travel and money and, ALLOT OF TIME.So shit might be tough now but im about to start making things happen, again SLOWLY BUT SURELY.I’m a patient person but i do tend to get impulsive when things aren’t happening fast enough.I may seem like i’m doing nothing right now but when it’s time for me to break out im gonna be breaking down doors.I’m just being patient with this whole process.No ones going to understand where i’m coming from much because everyone always looks INTO your box but when you’re the one sitting in it only you know how you’re going to make things happen and when.

Everything is unraveling slowly and i’m getting my head set on what i REALLY want to do.I don’t like authority or people telling me what to do and when to do it and how so i retreat whenever i feel pushed just so i can feel better when i prove them wrong after they’re done doing their whole tirade of bitching.

im 19, im young and the world isn’t ending soon so im going to keep taking my time with everything to not regret anything in the future.The majority of people are rushing shit and realizing that what they’re doing isn’t what they want to do for the rest of their life.I know we all should experience allot of things for ourselves and test waters but i don’t like drastic change with my career because of how serious i take it. I rather have it planned so i can reach it and stick to it and whatever comes along will come along and be added but i’m not looking to change plans in the future and start from scratch all over. i’m just being smarter sitting back making my map.

It’s almost time for me to make this happen and a small job is the first step. 😉

see you soon

Quote Of The Day

“No one not even your parents will ever understand why you do the things you do and why you do them.Best thing TO DO when shit gets tough and not even the people you trust are supporting you is to retreat. Focus on yourself and your priorities and reach your goals by yourself to prove them all wrong and live the life you want.Happiness will follow shortly”


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