Ease Tension By Going Out

Lately I’ve finally been actually getting out and doing things, hanging out and just easing tension I’ve had pinned up for awhile.

My cousin came to town so i just hung out with her and her husband yesterday and today.Had some bonding time and caught up.

It’s great seeing family i ACTUALLY GET ALONG WITH, i’m not a family oriented person AT ALL.If people knew my family and knew how much they talk shit about each other no one would want to be a part of it haha.

We checked out the city center that they just got done building not even to long ago here.It was pretty fancy, i loved it.Not as many stores as you would think but the ones that were in there were all designer stores us middle and lower class people can’t really afford hahahaa.It was good to just check it out.Here are a couple pictures i took of the place

Side building shot of the city center

The brown thing is a restaruant seating place.

Some weird twister thing they had in this plastic cylinder.

Real Ice Glaciers indoors, weird huh?

a garden they had inside
I didn’t manage to check out all the designer stores but i did manage to get pictures of the Louis Vuitton

Flower designed stairs

The Louis Vuitton was actually 3 storys haha

these pictures were all taken yesterday actually, after we walked the strip like tourists we went to go eat at the treasure island at the buffet.I’ve had better but it wasn’t that bad.I think they could of added more to it to make it more extravagant.I’m a HUGE buffet person and love to eat so i was chowing down like my food was about to leave my plate haha.

Cotton Candy!

I’m not a person hard to please at all and i tend to ease stress and relax quite easily unless something big is going on in my life (which hasn’t happened in years haha).I don’t like to worry about petty bullshit or things not worth stressing over but i am human and sometimes shit does tend to get to me.Going out these past couple of days has helped me realize how simple i am and how i can really change my attitude and mood with the snap of a finger.I’m quite forgiving and blow shit off allot so i can just live a healthier life.I’m tired of being angry constantly, it never gets me anywhere.

If you have to cut people out to make your life easier, do it.I believe everyone should worry more so about themselves before anyone else.

Prophecy’s about the world ending are my last concern, i’m going to continue doing what i want and still trying to reach my goals.I know allootttt of people may think im not getting anywhere because im just kicking back but really i have more so on my mind and know what i want to do than anyone i know.Some things just take allottt of time to really make happen.I believe october might be more than i expect but i’m ready for anything really.In the bible it says no one will know when the world will end not the time or the hour or anything.I’m not afraid of life either, if i die tomorrow i’ll know i died a good person with intentions of being successful and helping others out as much as i can.

Quote Of The Day

“If you were to take away bills and money and materials out of life, what kind of person would you REALLY be? think about it”


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