We Want Answers To Problems

Lately it seems almost everyone that’s having a life crisis wants answers right away to WONDER why things happen the way they do and why.well heres something i came up with that MIGHT help or make a bit of sense.I use this theory to help me out whenever shit fucks up.

I believe everything happens for a reason regardless,everyone knows that’s my theory FOR EVERYTHING,well because it’s true. Everyone has to think of possibilities first and from there you will realize what im saying is true.

Let’s say you were going on a vacation a week before you broke your arm, you were going with a group of friends and then bam your arm breaks because you fell.

This is where possibilities plays a huge roll

You find out you can’t go but the rest of your friends go.So your at home online and get a phone call from your friends saying they’re all in jail because they were out drinking and partying and got caught by cops and now have tickets for disorderly conduct.Well what would of happened to you if you went? what would of happened to certain dreams and goals you had for the future? things would of been stopped for you and you would of been backed up all because some of your friends don’t know how to act.Or maybe your parents would of kicked you outta the house for finding out and you wouldn’t of found a way to invest in anything for the future that you were working hard towards.your friends are completely different to you and some people don’t even know what they REALLY want to do for the rest of their life so they can look back at it and say “YEAH I REMEMBER THAT TIME I GOT FUCKED UP AND WENT TO JAIL” but for you it might be allot more serious.

I should take my own advice because i get tired of house drama and bullshit getting in my way but nowadays things have been changing,not dramatically but enough for me to notice what’s going on.I’m very motivated but im also a very deep thinker and if i didn’t stay up as late as i do some of the best ideas i think of would of never even crossed my fucking mind.See how shit happens for a reason, It can be something as small as that.

so for now on whenever you fuck up big time with a friend or you get in hella trouble think of possibilities on why these things happened.Don’t sit there and lash out and fuck up even more.

I hope everyone understands where im coming from and if you do understand then i hope you all begin to realize how life works.

Quote of the Day

“Don’t let life fool you”


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  1. NatachaBabette says:

    I wouldn’t have explained it better… Life is what you make it to be, and everything happens for some reason, better move and chose the right opportunities than overthinking what has gone wrong without moving on… Btw, I love your blog =)


  2. Suma says:

    “shit happens for a reason” that’s right but only your optimistisk point of view makes it look like the reason is in your favor. Life is life, fair or not fair and it has never been about fairness at all. I don’t like when people are in need of making a formula or ideology just to feel happier or cry louder. I think not going on that vecation in your example sucks no matter they end up in a jail or not but I also think I can handle it just knowing this is how things work. 1:33 am here , I’m just prattling 🙂

    Life’s a pleasant tradition.

    Life’s wing is as vast as death.

    Life’s a jump the size of love.

    Life’s not something,

    we put on the mantel of habit

    and forget.

    ” ( The Footsteps Of Water )


    1. Brian Jameson says:

      it’s *optimistic

      and from what it looks like you’re the type of person to just say OH WELL SHIT HAPPENED LIFE ISN’T FAIR DON’T TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT.Being optimistic and creating my own point of view on how shit operates is actually better than constantly going over WHY something occurred and bitching about it later on.I’m not trying to make myself look like a god if you must.I’m clrealy putting my thought out there on how i believe shit operates.I accept your opinion but i think it sucks as well because it sounds like something someone who didn’t give a shit about anything would say.

      sure let life come the way it is but prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


  3. Suma says:

    I should have known better. everytime somebody tries to show how pathetic the belief system is working he’s accused for something because people don’t like to know about the truth.

    Isaid life is not about fairness, I didn’t say it’s not fair. How ever a person like you who easily pass judgments must have some diffuculties to understand this.

    You can creat your point of view about anything you like but there is no need to bitch about it if you don’t either. You see all your thoughts are about EITHER this or that, hope or not, black or white.
    This is not about creating a point of view but seeing things for what they really are.

    If I didn’t give a shit about anything I wouldn’t be here talking to you but you know what, thanks for the thought, I guess I should try that too when I see people like you are living in a time like this but still acting like those who explain everything by creating a God of Sea or mountain.


  4. Brian Jameson says:

    ok then you shouldn’t have been so brief about what you were talking about.don’t sit there and try to make your story sound plausible with not even enough information to back everything up.How do you NOT expect me to pass judgement so easily.


    everything IS either this or either that, ANYTHING can go both ways(from my point of view).your point of view was shity when you explained it so don’t act like im “accusing” you ‘now’ simply because im letting you know what i thought about it.

    I see where you’re coming from, NOW, with what you’re talking about which is acceptable but i rather live my life the way i explained it then one day wake up and feel like im out of control of what’s happening because there isn’t some type of life formula i could think of to make things easier and get my head straight.I’m not putting things on a SERIOUS note like you are like i said, it was a simple proposition, that’s it.


  5. Suma says:

    “How do you NOT expect me to pass judgement so easily.”

    At this point I do expect nothing from you. It was a mistake to write something here. my bad. Bye


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