Bringing The Past Back

When i was in about 6th grade i had a friend that i became really close with and grew up with, we did everything together.We were inseparable.In about 10th grade we started to drift because we both started changing, Me most of all and she wasn’t really liking it.It didn’t help that her cousin was egging her on that i was forgetting about her and that i was just gonna stop talking to her for this other girl i became close friends with.I don’t pick one or the other sorry, i stick to having friends and that’s it.Friends shouldn’t be treated like an item.

So about 3 years went by and we didn’t talk much only here and there.So last week we hung out for the first time in like 2 years and it was probably one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time.Ever since me and her stopped talking I felt like I didn’t have much a place in life cause i couldn’t really relate to anyone. Everyone is soooo caught up in drama and who’s dating who and who’s doing what. I care about other people but if they need help and all that, otherwise i don’t give a fuck.Hanging out with her last week was just relaxing, we went to the park and pretty much talked about life itself and things that aren’t explainable, She and I are both really spiritual people and love talking about life so we always got along great.We went to the tree we carved our named in but couldn’t see the carvings since the tree had died and withered. We read about astrology and looked up her astral chart, everything.So now we’re talking again and it feels good to just talk about all the wild shit we use to do cause MAN.We did the most obscene shit in middle school.Shit kids wouldn’t normally do, and we were sneaky as fuck too.I’m hanging out with her again tomorrow so im excited.Excited that things with her and I are going back to how they were, cause she’s really the only one that truly truly knows me to the core and can relate to me and give me the best advice im looking for.

If any of you have friends you stopped being friends with for stupid reasons such as them thinking you are going to abandon them for someone else i would advise you to just make amends if you still have their number or whatever the case may be.Theres nothing like having someone really close that gets you all the time and knows what they’re talking about when they talk to you.

Quote Of The Day

“Sometimes, some things in the past aren’t meant to be there permanently but more so be put away and brought back out at a better time in the future.Everything happens for a reason”


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  1. Alli says:

    Wow. I can honestly say that out of all your blogs this one was really similiar to something I’ve went through. Like, exactly the same, almost. I’m glad you have her back in your life, and just a few weeks ago I got my friend back too. It wasn’t as long of a time, but was still hard. Still love the quotes. 🙂 Have fun with your friend tomorrow! xD.


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