Make Things Right

I just got done watching “Prayers For Bobby” with matty and i must say out of all the gay movies i’ve watched this is by far the best.The movie focuses on what the majority of kids go through these days with familys.It makes extremely strong points and i must is it’s a quite heavy movie if you really understand the situations they’re in.I recommend everyone to watch it.

now onto my post

I always pay attention to certain things people do and the way they act and how the outcome will turn out.So I’ve been thinking lately that whenever you act stubborn or conniving or just pretty much confused about something and don’t want to change your ways and think you’re right and something or someone is wrong or you don’t want to deal with whatever the situation may be, You always end up losing something..I realize whatever you lose is something you love most and life is all about learning and forgiving and changing your ways to BE a better person.I look at it as the things you lose are what make you change whatever you are doing horribly wrong.You Either rise to the top or just crumble and fall back down and keep trying to get up with no help.Whenever you lose someone people always ask “why did god have to take them” why this why that but they never see the surrounding of the problem. No one ever really wonders if they would of kept doing what they were doing with no one telling them to stop or helping them or whatever the case was they would of wound up dead anyways.You can’t always expect something to fix itself.No matter how strong of a person you are or how good you can stand on your 2 feet and hold your ground when shit gets tough you are ALWAYS going to need an opinion or someone that might change your life around or really help you out to be a much better person.I see it as if you don’t allow someones opinion or acknowledge them or what some people have to say you’re going to keep stumbling over the same thing from not listening and going about thing your way and the way you belive things are..I may be wrong but this is all just what i believe in and go by anyones free to correct me or give me a piece of mind.

Quote Of The Day

Don’t wait until it’s too late”


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