Lately I’ve realized I’ve been seeing people I grew up with around town. People I used to go to high school with and would talk to here and there. It’s crazy to me because I see how much people have changed, how everyone is either getting a job, is in a relationship,going to college or just having kids. I see them and then i look at myself and realize how far behind I am in life because of everything i been going through. Part of it is my fault for not pushing hard enough but once you push and keep pushing and keep falling on your face the feeling of hopelessness really gets to you. I endure allot of bullshit but sometimes giving up helps you to just start over on a clean plate with a clear head. So it’s not a completely shitty thing to do once in a while.

It sucks when you get older and realize where you really stand and how far behind or ahead you are in life.When you’re in high school all you can do is think about where you will be once you’re out but when it gets down to the real thing some people freak out and don’t like change and don’t want to leave so they start lashing out.My case was just the general fact of getting put in situations i never got myself in and having to help because of the pressure being on me.

I don’t ever lose hope in things i do because that’s what failures do, being in a hot situation struggling to get out is way different thing compared to just full on giving up and not trying anymore for years.I’m working on being a better person and getting somewhere in life soon as possilbe and things are actually starting to look up little by little for me.My sister gets out of prison actually today as we speak so if everything goes according to plan then i’ll be able to finally get back on track and hand her kids back over to her.I don’t know how courts work or how house arrest works because i’ve never been in trouble with the law (THANK GOD) but hopefully nothing fucks up anymore so things will run smoother for now on.I’ll keep everything updated on all this

Quote Of The Day

“Don’t live in the past just learn from it”


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  1. Pourang says:

    I’m wondering,right now, how many of those people -from -your- past are thinking:” Damn! Look at Brian. I wish I was him. ” 🙂

    Good luck with getting back on track Brian.


  2. Alli says:

    You’re definitely right on about being in high-school wishing you were out. Everyone tells me that as soon as you’re out on your own you wish you weren’t because things are easier for kids. I have so much planned, just like you say you do, and hopefully we both can accomplish them.

    Things have been pushed in your way, as you’ve said but I’m sure you’ll be able to push through them and get an agent, and make the career you’ve been wanting come true.

    Good luck! 😀


  3. 不攻自破 says:

    Great article.


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