Love Day+Shit

The one day i cannot stand being alone on, hell this goes for everyone.No one likes to be alone on valentines day c’mon now.Everyone can say OH I DON’T CARE when really YOU DO CAUSE YOU’RE ALONE AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH EVERYONE KISSING AND HUGGING N SHIT.I can admit i hate it cause im always single on this day.I’ve never celebrated valentines day with a bf instead i celebrated it with an ex bf 2 years ago.I can’t complain though, i rather not be in a relationship with the situation im in than deal with a shity v-day so it’s all good.I do appreciate everyone wishing me a happy valentines day though, actually taking the time to be there for me <3.I’m not a needy person just like to have someone to share things with, kinda like right now,but if you can’t do anything about your situation then hey, fuck it.

So since i’m single and been single i went to go watch wolfman with my little brother not no mopy “valentines day” or “dear john” shit.The movie was pretty bad ass i hella like it, idk about what everyone else thought but i liked it allot.I must admit today was pretty fun, my brother cracks me the fuck up with the shit we’ll do and say.Now i’m laying in bed drinking wine for the rest of the night and eating a heart shaped cake from the store hahaha im so gay.I’ll most likely watch sex and the city until i pass out or the babysitters, who knows.I hope everyone had fun and if you’re in a relationship then congrats enjoy your night! Hopefully next year i’ll be commited and posting scandalous photos on here for everyone to see haha.

Quote Of The Day

“If you’re single then pop open a bottle of wine and toast to freedom!”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. taryn says:

    i loved wolfman! and that cake looks amazing!


  2. Richanel says:

    aww u’re so cuuute. (:


  3. Pourang says:

    Well, atleast your fine like wine Brian 🙂

    I watched wolfman on saturday with my ex bf, just because I like Antony Hopkins. Have fun


  4. blondie says:

    that’s cute haha


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