Oblivious Circles

I’ve been beating myself up for the longest time about these situations with guys i’ve gotten myself into.

Whenever i like someone or we make a connection it gets hard for me to disconnect because it just feels like it’s gotten so real.One thing i’ve always done though is gone in circles with some unsure people.Some aren’t ready so they fuck around and keep you close just to make sure you don’t leave them or some just want to play games and i’ll fall for bullshit and keep going in circles and this is MY FAULT for allowing it.I get sick of constantly blowing off people or guys because hell it’s all i ever do and i think hey maybe i should just stop being a cunt bitch and give them a chance.Heres the catch though, is the person you’re giving a chance really worth it? are they really treating you the way you should be treated? i mean if you’re a hoe then you’re gonna be treated like one but if not then why are you still messing with this person? I never came to terms of realization until last night.

I had a chat with my friend jason.i explained to him my situation and he couldn’t of been more right about the shit he was talking about.I been letting someone walk into my life have their way and move on and then come back to me when the going gets tough.I’m someone who understands allota shit and i like to help whoever i can, especially those that have problems emotional wise or relationship wise.I’m good at what i do and say but theres just those people that NEVER learn and never will learn and then get into a relationship in the future that doesn’t work out for so and so reason and then are miserable the rest of their life all because of these stupid mistakes they do.

so what i’m really trying to say is, I’ve seen what I’ve been doing in other people.The Whole fuck around scheme that never stops you take that person back over and over and for what to get shit on allll over again and again.So it’s final im just gonna start cutting strings again.Now I’ve seen why i become this person that just doesn’t give a fuck about dudes.If i gave a fuck so much i’d be pissed off the majority of the time at myself because of the dumb shit i actually allow to happen.

So if anyone is in this same situation get out of it before you make more of an ass of yourself then you already have

i have to deal with having shit on my face because of this and now im cleaning it off and saying fuck it, once again.Moving onto the next big thing

If you guys read my previous post i talked about how the cards told me the cycle of a situation was going to end or someone was going to be leaving my life for good.

Well this is it

Proven fact: the paranormal is no joke

So this is it im cutting the strings to this shit i was in and just letting whoever rot their life away being fucking stupid with dumbass trash people.

So fuck it, Lets move on

Quote Of The Day

Be careful who you fuck over or who you mess with because that person just might of been the one to change your whole life around.”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. derrick says:

    i think we all have been in that situation before so i can realte to this post.very interesting


  2. sammy toke says:

    i hate situations like that
    you are a very strong
    i like this post

    go brian!


  3. paine says:

    very interesting brian
    i like this post


  4. vector V. says:

    from the look of it you’re snapping allot lately.i hope you’re ok and make it through all the bs

    love you brian!


  5. taryn says:

    tarot has helped me as well it works well
    great post!


  6. blondie says:

    that’s intense boy


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