What February Will Bring

I’m a very impatient person but im even more so impatient when i know things that are suppose to happen..

I go to fortune tellers and tarot card readers and do tarot cards at home and all that of the sort, quite often.This month its been said that the beginning will be good but the ending will be SHIT

in a previous card spread i did to see what this month will bring i pulled:

7 of cups

4 of pentacles

5 of swords

and 10 of swords

the card that popped while i was shuffling was the knight of pentacles (popped cards are extras to put the spread together to give more clarity)

the combination of the 7 of cups and 4 of pentacles indicate that i NEED to start making changes about my situations for instance i need to get on the ball about my career and fantasizing about it won’t get me anywhere just give me good ideas.BUT the combination of the 5 and 10 of swords means the ending of a cycle whether it be a relationship situation etc. and the indication of the knight of pentacles im assuming will stand in for a person..so i think it will be a person that will be leaving my life for so and so reason.

-My tarot deck-

so from what it looks like is the beginning of the month will be whatever i’ll just need to be thinking more about my life but the end of the month is what will throw me off and fuck me up a bit..So its a situation where you want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I do tarot readings so that i can expect shit like this that way im not COMPLETELY disappointed and depressed.I’ve already thought of allll the possibilities on why i’d be upset so its like i already have this down.

The one thing everyone needs to know though about tarot reading is that tarot readings only speak for what is happening in the present and how it will affect your future as of the actions you’re taking now.If you did a tarot spread again in about 2 weeks or a month you’ll notice SOME cards might be different because of changes you will be going through so everything is very tricky you just have to stay on top of what is going on.

If someone tells you you will be in a car wreck from drunk driving what are you gonna do? NOT DRINK AND DRIVE,there for you are avoiding the accident and it will just pass.

I can do my best to make sure my loss isn’t completely unfortunate, but i can’t stop the way others might feel or the actions they might take, only mine.

I’m scared because i know when i put my heart on the line and it just gets trampled because i didn’t take an action i wanted or needed or someone fucked me over i shut down in disappointment for a while.From what my friends astrologer said the loss i will have won’t be anything i can’t endure so overall i will just need to relax and pick up where i left off and not be so pathetic about it.Who knows though something might change to where it won’t be as bad or it won’t happen.

Quote Of The Day

“The future is like mold you can change it and shape it at any given moment.Nothing is set in stone for good”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tobii Metro says:

    you go girl!


  2. Alli says:

    Hey Brian! I’ve never really known what the whole tarot thing is and now that I look at it, it isn’t as scary-witchcraft-creepy as everyone puts it out to be. lol. Anyways, at least the cards said that you’d be able to endure it and make it through. Stay strong! And keep working at finding an agent! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for February!


  3. derrick says:

    that’s a great way to explain the tarot, good job!


  4. laura says:

    that’s so scary


  5. taylor rose says:

    dang you’re really into this stuff aren’t you?


  6. taryn says:

    love this post
    you’re so good at explaining the tarot!


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