Case Closed

I’m always someone everyone comes to for problems or rough times and in a friend i expect the same in return.I believe if someone is going to call you close or best friend i expect them to be there for you no matter what the situation is or how busy they are.If a friend came to me with a rough siuation i’d help them through it all and try to meet up with them as soon as possible to make sure they’re ok.I expect the same in return, i don’t do this im too busy bullshit or i couldn’t call for so and so reason.

So to start off the new year fresh im cutting out all those people that just call me now because its convenient or once said they were gonna be there for me no matter what.Im over everyone really because thats the majority of people i knew.Im left with nothing but maybe 5 friends? i can’t complain.I rather have no friends then fake friends or people that just use you because they’re bored n shit.

I see people dropping me for bf’s or gf’s and that just sets me off because after they break up they come running back to me trying to say they miss me.get the fuck out of here

I’m not one to complain about this shit because i could give 2 fucks about some idiot that doesn’t give a shit about me but when it comes to people i am or was really close to it infuriates me when they start acting fake and start acting like everyone else.If i wanted a piece of shit fake friend, i could find it on the vegas streets in no time.

I believe everyone should start evaluating the people they talk to and make sure everyones being 100%.Put people on the spot see what their true intentions are.

Im done with this

Quote Of  The Day

If someone you’re close to has to give you an excuse why they couldn’t be there for you, they’re obviously not someone you can fully trust”


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  1. Agnes says:

    1.Im not your friend 😦
    2.I want to help you if you need it
    3.I miss but not You becouse I dont know you, but miss your notes here
    4.I really wish to be your friend, but I know it isnt possible
    5.I think life in Vegas its really hard
    6.its really hard to find truth friendship, ppl are usually very egoistic and even if they want to help you in hard times they will have some problems becouse of it later, its hard to find someone who will sacrifice for you :/
    7.take care! hugs even if you have a chance to get a good friend sometimes you dont see this and lose it


  2. Zachary says:

    I really like you quote on this one. Altho the whole post sums it up for me. Nice to see someone else feels this way too and is willing to write about it pulbicly, esp. someone as popular as you. ^^


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