False Reflections

Today wasn’t much different to any other day that ive been having lately but i’ve been realizing something for a pretty long time that i need to get off my chest.

Ok when i go out to just get shit i need around the house or something of the sort i won’t even do my hair to go to the store.I’ll look ragged as shit so i’ll just wear a hoodie to hide my curly ass wavy ass hair thats it.I won’t wear makeup or anything, i barely even dress proper.Sometimes i’ll just go in basketball shorts.l’ll look awful i’ll admit but at least i can admit it and tell everyone i DO LOOK LIKE SHIT, BELIEVE IT.

So today i went to the store and realized how different people treated me cause of it.When i do get ready and look hot everyones like HOW MAY I HELP YOU? but today i just got a couple things i needed for my shoot on sunday.I would be near a closest cash register since i didn’t want to wait in the long ass line up front and i sat there and waited for a sec to wait until i was attended i didn’t want to be rude if they were busy.Old lady working there was on the phone behind the counter, i dont know what she was doing but she took a glance of what was in my hands and looked back at what she was doing instead of saying can i help you? nothing just acted like i wasn’t there.The other lady beside her did the same shit except glanced at me and acted like she didn’t see me and she wasn’t doing shit just acting like she was being productive.By this time im LIVID .I really didn’t feel like getting into with these bitches though since i already fealt like shit.So i just went to the front and said fuck it.I realized the eye center was open so i went there real quick to adjust my glasses since i just got new ones and didn’t realize they were sort of crooked so the first lady to attend me i ask if she can help and she goes “oh you can wait for one of these 2 ladys cause i just don’t want to break them” i gave her a look like are you serious? she fucking worked there but didn’t want to break my glasses? these people are TRAINED to fix glasses of all kinds, it was complete bullshit, she didn’t want to help me because of the way i looked plain and simple.I can understand trailor trash wearing pajamas and your kid only wearing  a t-shirt and diaper or something but thats just poor manners.I’ve NEVER thought of myself higher than anyone or thought i was better.Have i ever fealt i have more potential, yes but never fealt better or lower than someone.I don’t care what my occupation is or if im a super star in the future, if you treat someone like shit you’re going to get treated the same in return i promise.I know i have allot of moments i run my mouth as well, who doesn’t? No ones 100% innocent either.So please, whoever has their head far up their ass please take it out and start acting like a person and learn some manners.I don’t care how cool anyone thinks they are or how much above they think they are, if you don’t have any manners or structure you’re not going to get far at all, simple as that.

Quote Of The Day

“If god came to earth as a homeless person in need and you were unaware it was him, how would you treat him? reject the ones in need or give charity? depends what kind of person you are.”


One Comment Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    I know that I wrote it, but I must say it again You have definitely right! and its just sad that ppl look on You and see only your appearance (clothes, body, makeup etc.) Its not fair! Sometimes Im just so angry, ppl looking at me and think “she is so ugly” and they dont want to even ask “may I help you”, sometime I just go away, but sometime I wait becouse I want to see their faces when I pay for someting and give them a lot of money! really they are usually so surprise “she want to buy this, but its so expensive, she has money, no, its not possible!” hah I know its stupid, but I cant hold back myself recently 😦
    I really try to know ppl and dont judge them (dont look at them only in superficially way) but its hard sometimes, all our world is adapt on body and beauty and create our thoughts in this way, its hard to withstand to this novadays :/


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